Salda Lake, Lavender Garden & Pamukkale Hierapolis Ancient City Tour - 2 Days

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Day 1
Salda lake, Lavender Garden

Our tour begins with the journey to one of Turkey’s most beautiful lake, Salda. This place is one of Turkey’s tectonic lakes. A place where everyone with a turquoise passion must fall down. The waters of Salda, a crater lake, start at the glass goblet and play in the indigo blue at the deepest places. A shattered crater lake. And there’s something mysterious about it. The blueprints are also deep because the vegetation is formed by a volcanic eruption, which itself is the deepest lakes of Turkey with a depth of 184 meters. We spent time to taking plenty of photos and feeling the unique view and energy of Lake Salda.
After leaving Salda we take our lunch and move towards the land of roses and lavender.As cherry blossom season fades from memory and the bloom-inspired fervor dies down, a new floral phenomenon is coming to the fore:a village stuffed to the brim with lavender.Though photos of the lavender fields look like a postcard from Provence,the fragrant village is actually located in Turkey’s Isparta Province. This hamlet is called Kuyucak, and it’s a hidden gem tucked away in the Turkish Lakes Region. If you’re hoping to catch the plants in peak bloom, summer vacation may be your best bet. Kuyucak is conveniently located in Turkey’s lake region, which is home to historic cities and breathtaking natural beauty. The village is just two hours drive from Lake Salda.
We immortalize the time we spend in the lavender gardens with a wonderful walk in the village. We get information from the village people about the harvesting of lavender. In the free time that we spend in the village, we have the opportunity to get to know the healing lavender products produced by the village people.
After spending time in the lavender gardens, we set off for Pamukkale, our next stop. In the evening we stay at our hotel on our arrival in Pamukkale.

Day 2
Pamukkale and Hierapolis City Tour

After having breakfast in our hotel in the morning, we leave the hotel and visit the ancient city of Hierapolis, where you can visit the ancient ruins belong to the old period and then enter the travertines or swim among the historical columns in the natural spring pool (extra)You will admire the magnificent ruins of white travertines and Hierapolis. Pamukkale, where there are few examples of travertines in the world, is different every season. The healing waters of Pamukkale have been used in therapy since the Romans. After completing the trip in Hierapolis, we visit the onix quarries, which will tell us how the onix stone in the area took shape and how these stones occurred. The travertine waves formed by the sediments of the magnificent looking calcium oxide rivers are an important attraction for tourists. Unlike its counterparts abroad, you can walk on travertines in Pamukkale.

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Salda Lake, Lavender Garden & Pamukkale Hierapolis Ancient City Tour