Holiday Ideas for Turkey- Extreme Sports- Yacht Charter

Turkey is the first country that comes to mind for summer and winter holidays. With its deep blue seas, natural beauties, historical culture and thermal springs, it provides a unique holiday service both in summer and winter months. But of course, summer months in Turkey are much more active and crowded. Well, have you guys made plans for a holiday in Turkey?

Would you like to relax in a luxury hotel in Turkey, charter a yacht and spend time at sea, see historical places with various tours, or experience action sports?
Turkey is a unique place for all of them. You can even patch them all at once. First of all, start by planning what kind of holiday you want in Turkey. Then plan your vacation by reading about the most preferred holiday activities!

Best Places for Summer Vacation in Turkey

Turkey is an extremely entertaining and comprehensive holiday destination. Vacationers who plan to have a holiday in Turkey, on the other hand, have a hard time choosing between so many holiday destinations. For this reason, we will help you find the most suitable location for you by giving brief information about the holiday destinations. By reading our content, you can get a lot of detailed information about the best places for vacation in Turkey, water sports in Turkey and Daily tours.


Kusadasi is the most preferred location for holiday by foreigners. It is a smaller, but quite active and comprehensive holiday resort compared to other holiday resorts. It has various activities. Kusadasi nightlife, Kusadasi yacht charter, Kusadasi water sports and Kusadasi daily tours continue without a break during the summer months. If you are planning a holiday in Kusadasi, you can easily meet all your entertainment needs with the easy transportation system. Since it is also a very popular city, you should know that it has very luxurious hotels.


Antalya is the most well-known city in Turkey. For this reason, it is quite crowded. This city, which is not crowded in summer, meets all the needs of a foreign holidaymaker. For this reason, it is a frequently preferred location. If you are planning to spend a summer holiday in Antalya, you can have a fun holiday by participating in Antalya nightlife, Antalya yacht charter, Antalya water sports and Antalya daily tours. At the same time, due to the fact that it has many holiday resorts, holidaymakers can have a holiday in any location they wish. If they want quieter locations, there are sleepy rental houses and nature houses for vacationers. However, you should know that Antalya has everything you are looking for as a vacationer!


Among the holiday resorts of Antalya, the most preferred place is Alanya. Alanya can meet the nightlife, cultural and historical entertainment needs of holidaymakers. Since Antalya is a town, it is a little smaller and its transportation is easy. Alanya boat rental, Alanya boat tours, Alanya street agencies, Alanya historical tours, Alanya nightlife, Alanya shopping centers, Alanya has many options such as water sports. If you wish, you can spend your whole holiday in Alanya without getting bored. At the same time, be sure that there are so many things to do in Alanya that maybe you will have to spend months in Alanya to do all of them.


Bdorum Alanya is another holiday resort close to Marmaris and Kusdasi. With its nostalgic streets, unique and historical architecture, vacationers can forget that they are in Turkey and embark on a historical journey. In addition, you can do underwater diving, rent a yacht, and participate in extreme sports as a result of short trainings at Bodrum water sports centers, which are frequently preferred by holidaymakers and located on Bodrum beaches. You should not forget that watching Bodrum from above will give you a different pleasure by choosing nature sports in Bodrum. However, by staying in luxury hotels in Bodrum, you can spend a unique holiday with Bodrum hotels tours. Bodrum hotels offer various activities such as Bodrum water sports, Bodrum day tours, Bodrum Boat tours and Bodrum Horse safaris. With these activities, you can make holiday friends and even go to local food tastings. Thus, you can spend your holiday like a Turkish person.


As in other holiday resorts, there is a wide variety of activities in Marmaris. You can turn your holiday into a unique holiday with Marmaris water centers, Marmaris daily tours, Marmaris water parks, Marmaris extreme sports centers and Marmaris boat rentals. If you prefer Turkey for every holiday, you can definitely choose other resorts and experience activities you have never experienced before. While Marmaris offers a perfect resting area with its sea, it will entertain you immensely on its beach, also known as the turquoise beach. Marmaris beach usually has clean seas filled with pebbles. At the same time, very unique landscapes await you with its unique Marmaris underwater view.

Turkey Water Sports – Scuba Diving

Water sports are one of the most common sports in Turkey. No documents can be requested from those who want to participate in water sports in Turkey. A short tutorial is for informational purposes only and offers customers a unique experience. If you want to experience it with Marmaris water sports center, it will pass mostly through the pebbles and have a unique view where you can observe the fish.

However, if you dive with Antalya water sports centers, you can have a remarkable and action-packed diving experience by diving near wrecks such as sunken planes and ships. At Kusadasi water sports center, they will show you how to dive in many different bays. You will even be able to see a mountain-like view from the underwater cave in the diving center called Butterfly Bay in Kusadasi. If you are also interested in water sports, instead of doing all these on land, you can dive many times underwater with Turkey yacht charter and have unique experiences with water sports on the yacht!

Turkey Water Sports- Rafting

Rafting is a kind of action-packed water sport. Although it is a frequently preferred activity in Turkey, it can be done in rivers and streams. For this reason, space for rafting is limited in Turkey as it is in every country. In Turkey, the touristic places where you can do rafting are Antalya rafting center and Mugla rafting center. These places are also frequently preferred by action-loving water athletes.

However, water sports lovers who want to experience different experiences can have a unique holiday experience by doing water sports on the routes they wish, even if Turkey is a yacht charter. Turkey will be a unique country for experiencing water sports for the first time, as the prices of water sports in Turkey are also affordable compared to many other countries.

Turkey Extreme Sports

Turkey is one of the best locations for extreme sports. Paragliding, which is among the most preferred sports, attracts a lot of attention. Although the number of paragliding facilities in Turkey is limited, it is easy to paraglide at many locations in Turkey. These springs, which do not require any documents or training, are possible after a short training.

At the same time, if you are planning to do Paragliding in Turkey, you should know that there is nothing to worry about. Because most of the time, people who want to do Paragliding in Turkey and who are worried can do this sport together with trainers and professionals. You can choose places such as Antalya Paragliding Center, Fethiye Paragliding Center to experience this breathtaking experience.

Turkey Yacht Charter

Yacht charter is one of the most preferred holiday activities in Turkey. Although Turkey yacht charter does not have a breathtaking action, it will allow you to do many water sports and have a comfortable and quiet holiday. Bodrum yacht charter, Marmaris yacht charter, Antalya yacht charter, Bodrum Yacht charter has many options. You can have a comfortable and quiet holiday with yacht charter in Turkey, or, if you prefer, you can charter a luxury yacht in Turkey and experience these experiences on yachts with water sports.

Turkey Yacht Charter Prices

Yacht charter prices in Turkey are quite variable. If you are planning to charter a yacht in Turkey, you should know that different yachts in different cities will have price changes depending on the charter month and charter period. Turkey yacht charter prices will be as follows;
You should know that Turkey yacht charter starting prices are based on the most suitable months. Keep in mind that prices are variable. Weekly yacht charter prices in Turkey;

Bodrum Sailing Charter Prices: 8.500€
Bodrum Motor yacht rental prices: 5.000€
Bodrum Luxury Yacht charter prices: 10.000€
Antalya Sailing Charter prices: 9.500€
Antalya Motor yacht rental prices: 7.000€
Antalya Luxury Yacht charter prices:12.000€
Fethiye Sailing Charter prices: 7.300€
Fethiye Motor yacht rental prices: 3.700€
Fethiye Luxury Yacht charter prices: 8.700€
Marmaris Sailing Charter Prices: 10.000€
Marmaris Motor yacht rental prices: 7.000€
Marmaris Luxury Yacht charter prices: 12.000€
Gocek Sailing Charter Prices: 7.000€
Gocek Motor yacht rental prices: 4.000€
Gocek Luxury Yacht charter prices: 9,500€

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