Bodrum Blue Cruise Routes

Your blue cruise departing from Bodrum starts by moving towards Knidos. Knidos, one of the most popular destinations of blue cruises, is located at the tip of the Datça peninsula and is home to many impressive historical ruins.

Knidos – Palamutbuku

Knidos, which is a very sheltered spot in the westernmost part of the Datça Peninsula, is an important ancient city that has been frequented by sailors and many civilizations on trade routes for centuries. If you wish, you can explore this region, which has historical riches, by taking short walks. Then you will set out for Palamutbuku, which has a sparkling sea, lush nature and clean air. After enjoying the clear sea of ​​this place, you will move towards Kargi Bay.

Kargi Bay – Datca

When you reach Kargi Bay, you can swim in its deep blue waters, and if you wish, you can explore the bay by taking short walks around it. Your next stop is in Datça, a popular seaside resort and frequent destination for blue cruises.

Here you can visit Old Datça, famous for its historical stone houses, and the ancient city of Knidos. It is also possible to explore this region, which is famous for its underwater beauties, by diving. Due to its location, Datça is located in a windy region and is also very suitable for windsurfing. Next, you will move towards Elbow Bay.

Dirsek Bay – Bozukkale

You can take a break for lunch and swimming in Dirsek Bay. Your next stop is Bozukkale, where ships have anchored for thousands of years. Bozukkale had a strategic importance in ancient times as it is very close to Rhodes. The name of the settlement in the bay, which was considered the land of Rhodes in ancient times, is known as Loryma or Aplotheka. You can enjoy the unique nature of this bay, which has witnessed history, with its deep blue and clear sea. Then, you will move towards Turunc.

Turunc – Kumlubuk – Marmaris

You can enjoy the unique sea of ​​Turunç, which is famous for its blue flag beach, by taking a small swimming break. Then you will move towards Kumlubuk. In this quiet and calm bay, you can swim all day, read for hours and dive if you bring your equipment. Then, you will move towards Marmaris. Your next stop after Marmaris is Dalyan.

Dalyan – Ekincik

Iztuzu Beach, which stretches for kilometers, is a real paradise with its river delta, natural waterways, lakes, hills, pine tree forests and turquoise sea. In this region, you can visit the ancient city of Dalyan, take a mud bath or walk on the beach and enjoy the magnificent sea. Dalyan is also one of the most important spawning centers of sea turtles.

Therefore, you are likely to come across these lovely friends during your walk! The next stop of your blue cruise holiday, which you charter a boat, is Ekincik, which is one of the bays that must be visited with its nature and sheltered structure. If you wish, you can explore this bay with short walks or swim in its clear waters. Then you will move towards Gocek.

Gocek Bays – Gocek

The sheltered Gocek Bays, which host magnificent natural beauties, are among the most unforgettable stops of the blue cruise routes. You will stop by Kızılada, Delikli Islands, Zeytin Island and Domuz Island, which are lined up in the west and northwest of Fethiye Bay. Then you will visit the Cleopatra Bath, Bedri Rahmi Bay, Gobun Bay and as the last stop, the Knight Island, which is the island at the exit from Fethiye. Then, you will move towards Yassıca.

Yassica – Hamam Bay

Right next to the pier in Yassica, you will see the remains of a Byzantine monastery, some of which were submerged. You can get off the boat and take a pleasant walk along the shore and in the forest or swim in the sparkling sea of ​​Yassica. Your next stop is Hamam Bay, where the blue cruise and daily boat tours do not pass without stopping by. You can take a small swimming break in this bay. Then, you will move towards Tershane Bay.

Tersane Bay – Aga Harbor

Tersane Island, with its magnificent sea, is actually an old Greek Village that was emptied in 1923 after the population exchange. It got this name because it was used as a shipyard during the Ottoman period. There are many historical ruins on Tersane Island, which is home to Ottoman, Byzantine and Greek civilizations, and it is home to many olive groves around it.

Since the local people leave their goats here, it is possible to hear a lot of goat sounds. There are also suitable paths for walking in Tersane Bay, which has a sparkling, deep and cool water. Your next stop is Aga Harbour. Here you take a swimming break and then move on to the Galley.

Galley – Serce Port – Bozburun

Kadirga Bay, which is a sheltered area against the wind, is located in the middle of the open sea. You can have a pleasant swimming break here with its clean sea and lush nature. Then you will move towards Serçe Harbor. This bay is surrounded by wool

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