Bays to Visit by Yacht in Marmaris

Marmaris, where the green mountains of the Aegean meet the deep blue waters, is one of the most beautiful summer holiday addresses in Turkey…

There is no end to places to visit and things to do in Marmaris, which is a unique holiday destination that offers you the opportunity to have fun until the morning and at the same time be alone with nature and listen to your mind. With its clean sea, it is also one of the first choices of blue cruise voyagers.

Yacht Charter In Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most preferred places among yacht charter destinations. With its nature, it is a place that allows vacationers to collect unique memories. Besides, compared to other yacht charter options, Turkey is a location where you can charter a yacht at extremely affordable prices. Therefore, it would not be a lie to say that it is the most suitable destination for a luxury yacht charter holiday.

Where Is The Best Place For Yacht Charter In Turkey?

There are many places to rent yachts in Turkey. All of these are suitable for different expectations. Marmaris is the most preferred place among the locations that every holidaymaker will choose according to their expectations from the holiday.

Although it is one of the reasons for the first choice, both because it is easy to find yachts at a much older age and because there are yachts suitable for every budget, with its scorching heat and cool sea, it is a city with the potential to offer a unique holiday experience to everyone.

Bays Possible to Access by Sea in Marmaris

  • Sedir Island
  • Baklabuku Bay
  • Gebekse Bay
  • Dark Blue Bay
  • Dirsekbuku Bay
  • Aquarium Bay
  • Paradise Bay
  • Kadırga Bay

Marmaris Blue Cruise Routes

Fethiye-Marmaris Route

You can make your weekly blue cruise tour in two directions, starting from Fethiye or Marmaris. Fethiye – Marmaris route is one of the most preferred blue cruise routes by many local and foreign tourist groups in summer. You can also enjoy the sea and nature to the fullest for 1 week by chartering one of our gulets from our large fleet that is suitable for your number of people and your budget.

The ideal rental period for this route is 1 week. Fethiye-Marmaris route is perfect for a 7-night blue cruise holiday. There are countless coves and islands in Fethiye Bay, Gocek, Dalyan and Marmaris, which are on our route. You can swim in these unique bays for 1 week without stopping for the second time, explore the underwater world with your snorkels, go for nature walks in our magnificent bays where you will see every shade of green, or use your laziness to the fullest to sunbathe and sip your drink on the deck of your gulet.

This route is one of our comfortable blue cruise routes where you can do all these and where daily cruises are not long. On this blue cruise route, you can participate in many activities such as scuba diving, mud bath, ancient city visit or various water sports in Gocek bays, Marmaris or Dalyan. These small coves we approached for the night, accompanied by pine and thyme bays coming with the breeze from the mountains, will enable you to reconnect with our magnificent nature, which you may not have been able to enjoy for years, and you will return to your home truly renewed and refreshed.

On this blue cruise tour, you can take a boat tour in the natural wonder delta formed by the Dalyan river and surrounded by long reeds, visit the ancient city of Kaunos and see the king tombs carved into the rocks of the Carians, one of the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean. You can also take a mud bath with high sulfur content, which will remove all toxins and will be good for your skin, and at the end of the day, you can swim and sunbathe on Iz salt beach, one of our world-famous beaches.

Iz salt beach is one of our numerous beaches where the famous Caretta Caretta sea turtles lay their eggs and is under protection. Again on this blue route, you can take a stroll in the bazaars of Fethiye and Marmaris, shop and enjoy the nightlife in the famous bar street.

As we mentioned before, this route is a two-way blue route. You can start from Fethiye or Marmaris, you can fly to Dalaman airport from many cities of Turkey within both starting points. Dalaman airport is 45 minutes away from both of our districts.

Marmaris-Datca Route

The Datca peninsula, famous for its centuries-old olive trees, magnificent coves, ancient cities and Father of Life, is located right in the middle of Marmaris and Gokova gulfs, and it almost separates these two gulfs from each other like a long sword.

The starting and ending point of this blue cruise route is Marmaris, as it is easy to access and the blue cruise gulets are connected to Marmaris port. Again, Marmaris can be easily reached from Dalaman airport. Ciftlik cove, Bozukkale (ancient Loryma city), Kargi cove, Datca, Palamutbuku, Bozburun, Kocaada, Kadırga cove, Kumlubuk, Cennet The island of Knidos and the ancient city of Knidos, located on the seaside at the farthest point of the island, are just a few of the must-see places.

This blue cruise route consists of calmer bays compared to other routes. You can immerse yourself in the cool waters of the Aegean from the beach right next to the ancient theater, which is more than 2000 years old, in the ancient city of Knidos. While on a blue cruise on Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, you will witness dozens of ancient cities and ruins belonging to ancient civilizations and even have the privilege of swimming next to them.

Where in the world can you get the opportunity to swim next to an ancient Roman bath or amphitheater that is over 2000 years old? Of course in Turkey. Of course, on the blue cruise tour. Again, on this weekly blue cruise route, you can explore the underwater world in almost every bay with your snorkel, swim with sea turtles and spend your day actively with the water sports activities offered in the bays. Or you can watch the nature next to you and witness every shade of blue and green.

Bodrum, Gokova Bay Route

One of our weekly blue cruise routes is the Gokova route, which starts and ends in Bodrum. It is one of the most popular and perhaps the best known blue cruise routes in recent years due to the popularity of Istanbul high society.

This route, which offers the unique beauties of the Gulf of Gokova for a week, is one of the most comfortable routes and is one of the routes recommended especially for families with children. Today, Gokova Bay is one of the most frequented destinations for luxury motor yachts and luxury gulets. There are tiny settlements and authentic Aegean villages in many bays that stop for swimming breaks.

You can take a stroll in these villages, chat with the villagers and have your dinner at the seaside restaurants where fresh seafood is served. The main places to visit on this blue cruise route are; Orak island, Cokertme bay, Seven Islands, Cleopatra bay, Karacasogut, Kise Buku, Pabuc Cape and Yalı farm .

Although there is no need to describe Bodrum at length, you should not finish your tour on the first or last day of your blue cruise tour without seeing the Bodrum castle, the mausoleum of Halicarnassus, the ancient theater, strolling in the huge bazaar and exploring the nightlife. The easiest way to reach Bodrum is the Bodrum airport, which is approximately 40 minutes from the city center.

Fethiye-Kekova Route

If you wish, this blue cruise route can be done as one way, 3 nights and 4 days, if you wish, it can be done for 1 week by starting and finishing from Fethiye. Although it is a relatively long route, it is one of the most preferred blue cruise routes with its natural beauties, dozens of ancient cities and ruins belonging to the Lycian civilization and famous holiday towns such as Oludeniz, Kalkan, Kaş, Kekova on the route. It starts from both Demre Çayagzı and Fethiye.

The closest airport to Çayagzı is in Antalya and for Fethiye it is Dalaman Airport. Along the route, the unique beauties of the Western Mediterranean will accompany you at every corner. On this route, the sea water temperature is milder than in the Aegean. Both in the bays and at our stops on the way, the Mediterranean climate and Mediterranean culture are more dominant. On this blue cruise from Fethiye, you can visit Oludeniz, paraglide from the world-famous Babadag, take a walk in the Butterfly Valley, take a 30-minute walk to the top of the island of St. Nicholas in Gemiler Bay and witness the magnificent sunset.

In addition to these, you can spend time in Kalkan and Kaş, which are on the same route, visit the sunken city in Kekova, taste homemade organic ice cream in Kalekoy, the only village in Turkey that does not have land transportation and can only be reached by sea, although it is on the mainland. You can visit Simena castle. When you arrive in Demre, you can also see the Santa Claus church and the ancient city of Myra. Although Fethiye – Kekova is a comfortable route in general, you may occasionally sway slightly as you will sail on the open sea to pass a Patara beach.

Nevertheless, Fethiye Kekova route has a special place among the routes we recommend most, with all the beauties mentioned above. Especially the aquarium bay, located around the island of Kekova, is only one of the stops that must be swimming. It would not be wrong to call this bay the Maldives of Turkey. You can see the sea floor in this bay with the lightest turquoise color, although the depth is about 20 meters. Again, in the quiet bays where you spend the night around the island of Kekova, you probably won’t be able to enjoy waking up to the sounds of mountain goats anywhere else.

Fethiye-Gocek Bays Route

This blue cruise route departing from Fethiye is the most popular blue cruise route for families with children for both 3 nights, 4 days and 7 nights gulet charters. It is one of the frequent destinations for sea lovers, as the cruise time is short on this route and because the sea is always calm thanks to the rowed islands of Gocek.

This group of islands, which starts from the western end of the Fethiye Gulf and is called the 12 Islands, is full of coves anchored by dozens of luxury gulets and motor yachts. You can have a comfortable blue cruise experience in Gocek bays for 1 week without getting bored and without stopping in the same bay.

Gocek is one of our natural harbors, which has been flooded by many famous people in recent years. In Gocek, nature has shown all its dexterity and blends every shade of green with every shade of blue and presents it as a feast to your eyes. Yachts for charter are lined up like pearls in the unique bays of Gocek and this paradise in all its splendor looks like the necklaces of nature.

When you enter Gocek with the gulet you have chartered, you will be greeted by the fish painting that Bedri Rahmi Eyupoğlu drew on one of the rocks during a blue cruise tour in 1974, which can still be seen today. For this reason, the local people named this bay, also known as Taşyaka Bay, as Bedri Rahmi Bay, as a homage to the master.

One of these unique coves, which the Egyptian queen Cleopatra chose for her honeymoon with her great love, the Roman king Mark Antoni, is called the Cleopatra bath. Today, you can still see the ruins of this ancient Roman Bath in this bay, moreover, you can take a walk among the ruins or swim right next to the 2000-year-old bath. Sarsala Bay, which was once the home of the Ottoman governor of Egypt, is one of the frequent destinations of gulet tours with all its splendor.

Agalimanı Bay, with its clear waters and small sandy beach, is another Gocek bay that all blue cruise boats must visit. When you type Gocek bays into any search engine, the first photo that comes up is undoubtedly the Yassıca Islands. So to speak, life ends, but Gocek bays do not. That’s why they say that someone who rents a boat once and makes a blue cruise in Gocek will return to Gocek sooner or later.

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